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Snowboarder Marko Grilc Killed in Austria
24 November 2021 - Marko Grilc, one of the most accomplished Slovenian snowboarders, has been killed in a snowboarding accident in the Austrian ski resort of Sölden. Media reports say he was part of a film crew inspecting a site for filming as fell and hit his head on a snow-covered rock in a closed section of the resort
While the Austrian police reported on Tuesday only that a Slovenian snowboarder was killed near Sölden, the 24ur web portal of the Slovenian commercial broadcaster POP TV said it was Grilc.

According to the Austrian press agency APA, the snowboarder fell while descending a slope in deep snow as the film crew was preparing to shoot a scene, suffering a fatal head injury.
The police said that the 38-year-old from Ljubljana was not wearing a helmet. He lost his balance and hit a snow-covered rock either with his face or his head.

The accompanying crew tried to resuscitate him, but the
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